In our business, being able to sanitize the devices before resale is an absolute imperative. But doing so safely, without nefarious actors being able to retrieve the wiped data, is a unique challenge in the refurbished industry.

That is where VexWipe, our patented, proprietary process of sanitizing data off cell phones, tablets and other wireless devices comes into play.

During the many years we have been in the business of refurbishing, we have developed a precise, reliable utility that wipes data off devices.

We called it VexWipe and integrated it into our workflow, continually improving it with new devices and software versions. We also integrated it into our hardware, making it into a truly unique, safe system. VexWipe works with both Android and iOS devices.

VexWipe has recently also gotten a seal of approval from a well known certification entity, ADISA. VexWipe performed to the specifications through a challenging test, and passed the Product Claims Test Method of the certification body.

VexWipe software is integrated into our proprietary hardware, allowing for an efficient and straightforward data clearing process. Our results are reliable and consistent.

The integration of proprietary hardware and software has been one of the breakthroughs in developing our refurbishing process. Having only one unknown variable makes it much easier to deliver consistent results.